Online LKG Course

Prepare your child for formal schooling, right at the LKG level – curriculum so designed for the benefit of 4year olds. Your child will be exposed to the world of three letter words, fluent communication in English using phonetics and number work through various worksheets. 

  • They participate actively in socio-cultural activities and are encouraged to think independently. Higher Order Thinking Skills, Sight Words. Mental Maths and Story Telling are our key areas of focus.
  • Stories are a wonderful way to put across any concept in a fun, engaging way
  • Our programme has stories at its core ensuring children are not just learning how to read but also enhancing their vocabulary and language skills. 
  • We focus on comprehension in a big way, for what is the fun of reading when you can’t understand what the written word means? 
    Pre-recorded lessons, extended learning, tutorials for parents and worksheets to be done at home.