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You could do that manually or use how to calculate overtime payroll tracker software. Reply from OTC – Hi Kevin, We are not payroll professionals, but we do offer some free valuable time tracking tools to help with your situation.

Connecteam is a time tracking tool that makes managing your remote team members easier by turning paper and pen processes into automated digital processes. Reminders for employees to track time so that payroll is as accurate as possible. Depending on how often payroll is calculated, the final value will be the sum of either weekly hours, biweekly hours, or monthly hours. If you rely on time rounding for other reasons, the software can still round each time entry to the nearest interval automatically.

How to calculate hours worked?

“Print This”opens a print dialog for you to print your weekly timesheet report. This data will help you know if you are charging the correct amount for your work. Indy makes all this tedious time management stuff a breeze. With Indy Time Tracker, you can begin tracking your time with the click of a button. Just hit pause when you need to take a break and resume when you’re back at it. This would depend on when your workweek starts and ends.

The guiding principle for your rounding system is that it should never harm the interests of your employees. Failing to protect their right to fair payment can result in wage theft accusations and trials. You can set up rounding that’s only in your employees’ favor, but you cannot legally round time always in your interest. A tried-and-true way that you can opt for is to round the clock-in time in favor of the employee, and the clock-out time in your favor. This means that if they noted 5 hours and 13 minutes, this is what will be used for their payroll.

How to calculate your average working week hours

If an employee works different schedules every day, then you will need to calculate hours worked for each day. You will then need to add up the total for each day to get their hours worked in a given week. Don’t forget to take into account holidays, vacation days, or paid or unpaid time off. If you make roughly the same amount of money every month, and work roughly the same number of hours, you can calculate your hourly rate for an average month. This will give you an approximate hourly wage for the year. To calculate your average hourly wage for a whole year, keep track of all the hours you work for that year, including unpaid work.


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