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The syllabus is based on a child-centered approach. Such an approach involves placing the emphasis on a child's experiences and interaction with the environment.


Prepare your child for formal schooling, right at the LKG level – curriculum so designed for the benefit of 4 year olds. Your child will be exposed to the world of three letter words.


If your child is 5 years old, he/she is eligible for the UKG programme. Our curriculum has been designed to enable a smooth transition to class 1.


Learning at Mulberry Kids provides you with online live classes for primary school students Our motive is to make quality education to everybody and ensure better learning.


I'm very thankful to mulberry kids school, as my son got one to one teaching from teachers from nursery to ukg and I found it as a concrete base for my son. Now, he is academically challenged. Hence, I preferred the same school for my daughter too.
Thank you
Sweety Amudhamalar
Human resource
As parents we are very satisfied with mulberry kids school. The administration here is very good. Principal conducts classes accordingly even in this pandemic situation. My child has improved well here. As parents we are grateful to school and respected teachers.
Thank you
Moumita Paul
As a parent my experience about this school is very impressive and i have found the staff & teachers very friendly. I want to mention special thanks to Principal Sakshi Mam , who has strong ability to address our concerns. Finally I thank all teachers and recommend mulberry kids school to other parents.
Kushal Raghuwansh
Data Engineering Manager

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